Sunday, 9 May 2010

My 'Drips, Spilts, Tears and Rips' Series at Greenwich Picture House

This is a series of 4 paintings from my Drips, Spilts, Tears and Rips series on display at
The Screening Room, Greenwich Picture House, 180 Greenwich High Rd SE10 8NN, May 1 - June 30 2010

Drips, Spilts, Tears and Rips

Portals between other worlds, planets, parallel universes and dimensions. Between the mind and the ground. Fractal doorways between the finite and infinite, whether a place to hide or a place to find, a dark crawl space in reality full of crevasses and pit falls in reality. Windows into the next, a scratch on the surface of the here and now into a place of the absolute, a glimpse of something indescribable, seen, yet unnoticed, for(n)everywhere.
Drips, Spilts, Tears and Rips represented in these 4 paintings using a mix of medias and finished off and over with drips to give a look of a world shutting off to and from itself.

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