Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Saatchi Gallery Online Showdown

Vote for me in the Saatchi Gallery Online Showdown and i will be eternally grateful.


goto the link and then
Click on a star to register your vote or choose another artwork
click on the last star on the right to give me 10 stars

Hope I can return the favour :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Artist Blair Zaye has gone Live!

My name is Blair Zaye I am an artist from New Zealand, with a Bachelor of Visual Arts.
I have just finished creating and uploading to my brand new website www.blairzaye.com
Here you can keep up to date with my latest work, my upcoming exhibitions and get in contact with me.

I am now looking for exposure, representation, an agent, dealers, exhibitions,
residencies and to collaborate with others artists.

My website showcases (amongst others) my latest series of work

'DRIPS, SPLITS, TEARS AND RIPS' (click for a direct link)

This is the work that I feel best represents me as an artist of maturity and

professionalism and my current practice,so have a look and see if you feel the same.

I look forward to hearing from you and your opinion of my work.

Follow the link and if you like it bookmark it!

If you require anything else please do not hesitate to ask.

Taughts and Thoughts
Blair Zaye



September 24th, 2010 by blair

This is a massive space so its a great place to showcase my new 3mx3m works !!!

Terra-Forma Diptych

3x3m (each panel 3×1.5m), Mixed Media, 2010

Sink Hole Diptych

3x3m (each panel is 1.5x3m), Mixed Media, 2010



1st October – 12th November 2010 by appointment.

Private View Friday 8th October, 6 – 9.30pm (free taxi shuttle from Southall, turn left and wait by the sign)

Departure Gallery, 5 – 6 Boeing Way, The International Trading Estate, Brent Road, Southall, London UB2 5LF.
Rhizomatic is an experimental, decentralised curatorial system based on the concept of the Rhizome, as explored in Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophical masterpiece A Thousand Plateaus. This is Departure Gallery’s largest and most ambitious show so far and includes work by over two hundred artists exhibiting in 100,000 sq ft of warehouse space.

Selected artists associated with Departure Gallery were each invited to choose up to six artists to exhibit alongside them. In turn, this second generation were encouraged to invite a further six participants, making a third generation, who could then invite six more. This six-link structure was inspired by the idea that all humans are connected by ‘six degrees of separation’.

A rhizome is a sprawling, unhierarchical system of connections that are constantly in flux and can spring up at any moment in space and time. This exhibition does not seek to fix the rhizome by presenting it in a finished form, but, rather, it represents an attempt to freeze a moment of this rhizomatic process in the interests of examining it’s structure more closely. Furthermore, the show aims to catch a glimpse of the creative networks within which Departure Gallery’s artists operate, in order to locate ourselves within the wider art world.

“Principles of connection and heterogeneity: at any point a rhizome can be connected to anything other, and must be…A rhizome ceaselessly establishes connections between semiotic chains, organisations of power, and circumstances relevant to the arts, sciences and social struggles.” Gilles Deleuze and FĂ©lix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus.

This rhizomatic structure has particular resonance in the context of The International Trading Estate, which is a hub of haulage and distribution companies sorting and transporting goods in flux between producer and consumer.

The exhibition will not constitute the end of the rhizome, because a true rhizome has no beginning or end, but is ongoing and unlimited. Each artist involved will continue to make connections during and after the exhibition through the contacts and ideas that emerge as a result of the show. This opens up the possibility of creating a larger sequel exhibition at some point in the future. Who knows where this will go and what possibilities may result!
Louise Ashcroft, Curator.


Getting There: Take national rail from Paddington to Southall (14 minutes) then buses 105, h32, 105 or 482 to Brent Road. On the private view night there will be a free taxi shuttle from Southall Station between 6pm and 9.30pm- turn left out of the station and follow the signs to the shuttle stop.

For more information or to make an appointment please contact louiseashcroft@departuregallery.com



This stunning Pop-Up Exhibition located in Kings Cross expands over an area of 10,000 sq ft. A selection of exciting artists from all disciplines aim to make this one of this years unmissable exhibitions. Performance Art, Contemporary Paintings, Sculpture, Installations and Interactive Art will demonstrate current developments and trends in Contemporary Art.

Private View, Thursday, 30 September
210 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross N1 9JY
6 – 9 pm

After event to be held at The Big Chill House

The exhibition will run for 2 weeks, viewings by appointment only.

Please RSVP for both events to:
Nikki Martin
07971 328 235
www.artandescape.com (please note that the website is still being re-designed)

In association with Commercial Property Ltd

Displaying my WHOLE collection of Maxims

Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Outside World Presents ... TAKE-AWAY 13-15th August

The Outside World Presents ... TAKE-AWAY 13-15th August

Cavernous, Blair Zaye, 2010
on Display at The Outside World 13-15th August

Here is my latest exhibition called TAKE AWAY at The Outside World Gallery, 44 Redchurch St, E2 7DP It runs from 13th-15th of August
with an opening on Friday the 13th 6-9pm and the closing Sunday the 15th 4-7pm
Ill be at both so it would be great to see some friendly faces
Hope you can make it

see flyer below for my info

Sunday, 9 May 2010

My 'Drips, Spilts, Tears and Rips' Series at Greenwich Picture House

This is a series of 4 paintings from my Drips, Spilts, Tears and Rips series on display at
The Screening Room, Greenwich Picture House, 180 Greenwich High Rd SE10 8NN, May 1 - June 30 2010

Drips, Spilts, Tears and Rips

Portals between other worlds, planets, parallel universes and dimensions. Between the mind and the ground. Fractal doorways between the finite and infinite, whether a place to hide or a place to find, a dark crawl space in reality full of crevasses and pit falls in reality. Windows into the next, a scratch on the surface of the here and now into a place of the absolute, a glimpse of something indescribable, seen, yet unnoticed, for(n)everywhere.
Drips, Spilts, Tears and Rips represented in these 4 paintings using a mix of medias and finished off and over with drips to give a look of a world shutting off to and from itself.

For more info contact the artist

Sunday, 14 February 2010

100 sqft 28th February- 6th March with a Launch Party @ the Chomley Boys Club, 68 Boleyn Road, London N16 8JG

What is 100 sqft

An opportunity for artists to exhibit their work - no matter what their background alongside established artists and designers - names to follow!

the name is 100sqft as there are 100 artists each get a 1square foot to play with.

When and Where is the exhibition.

The Exhibition will be 28th February with a Launch Party @ the Chomley Boys Club, 68 Boleyn Road, London N16 8JG and will run for 1 week, giving a chance for the participating artsists and those interested in meeting them to get together at one of Dalstons undiscovered gems -

We are inviting everyone to join us for the launch evening to meet up for a drink and enjoy the entertainment laid on by resident DJ's 'Our Friends Eclectic' - if you would like to attend and be kept in touch of proceedings please add your name to our mailing list.

Nearest Train Station - Dalston Kingsland

Dalston Junction is served by the 30, 38, 56, 67, 149, 242, 243, 277
Newington Green is served by the 21, 73,141, 236, 341, 476

BY LONDON OVERGROUND (used to be Silverlink)
Boleyn Road is just around the corner from Dalston Kingsland Overground station

for more details



this is the square foot i have submitted

Holding Apart Parallels

by Blair Zaye
Fuji crystal archive C type gloss print, acrylic reverse mounted

Price: £294.00 (this includes a 20% commission)

This work is one of many abstract photographs in which I have been experimenting with for over the past 7 years in my light laboratory. I have been capturing scenes of contrived light both static and in motion to find brilliant hues and colours, shapes and forms which appear as if by magic.

Its the first time ive let the printing company do all the work, printing mounting, framing and delivering, its a risky move having it sent straight to the exhibition space without sighting it first, but i have so much confidence in the photo itself and in the print studio that as this is the first time i have decided to go the professional route of printing and processing i want to get the buzz of seeing it for the first time there :)

SHOWCASE LONDON - We're Back!! Wednesday, February 3 at 5:30pm-11:30pm Cafe 1001, Brick Lane, London

Wednesday, February 3
at 5:30pm-11:30pm
Cafe 1001, Brick Lane

'It's the very first Showcase London of 2010!

We're back with more artists than ever before - showing a greater variety of work and more controversail content!

Come along on Wednesday evening, it's aso a few peoples birthdays on the 3rd Feb, so we shall be celebrating in true artistic style!

Hope to see you there.


i will be putting these some of my new maxim works up for sale for a bargain £50-£280

here is a photo of my setup from the night unfortunately i didnt sell anything but it gave me a chance to get back in the exhibition swing for the new year

Thursday, 4 February 2010

MIRROR/WINDOW January 28, 2010 7:30-10 PM NEW YORK NEW YORK!

January 28, 2010
7:30-10 PM

at LOUIS V. E.S.P.
140 Jackson St #4D
Brooklyn NY 11211
Call 732.552.7199 for entry or info

Mirror/Window is the inaugural installment of a nomadic, integrative video art salon. The salon takes form at Louis V. E.S.P., a new exhibition space located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, and scheduled to begin full programming this year.

Mirror/Window focuses on works that meditate on themes of space and architecture by investigating the relationship between public and private spheres, the body within space, and social codes embedded in architecture. The videos are trans-generational and transnational; spanning from a hotel room in Berlin to popular 80’s sitcoms, simulations of a model home to the iris of a human eye.

Presented in a two-channel facing format and running on a continuous loop, the videos are forced to both confront and familiarize themselves with one another, sparking new and unexpected dialogues framed by notions of place and indulged in by the spontaneity of moving image.

Mirror/Window is comprised of the following artists:
Karen Y Chan (New York)
Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn (Paris/Brest, France)
Michael Haight (Riverside, California)
Anne Herzog (Paris)
JJ Higgins (Prairie Village, Kansas)
Mayumi Komuro (New York)
Yaron Lapid (London)
Derek Larson (DeLand, Florida)
David J. Merritt (New York)
Nicholas O’Brien (Chicago)
Amelia Saul (New York/Berlin)
David Trullo (Madrid)
Blair Zaye (London)

Programmed by Preeti Sodhi and James Woodward.
Image courtesy Derek Larson.

About the curators Preeti Sodhi and James Woodward:
We are interested in works that relate to the city, environment, space and the body. This salon was created using both word of mouth and an open call in order to be as inclusive as possible. The selected theme was intended to inspire artists and lay a foundation for dialogue in what we intend to be a communal environment and experience.


for the latest photos from the night