Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Exhibition At The Marlborough 20th-28th Of June

Exhibition At The Marlborough For Camberwell Arts Festival and Back and Beyond Festival
20th-28th Of June

This year, as part of Camberwell Art Week, The Back and Beyond festival will take place at The Marlborough. Located just behind Camberwell College of Arts, for the duration of the festival, each of the three bars will be converted into exhibition spaces. Outside there will be 40 market stalls selling works by independent artists and a sculpture garden. Throughout the day there will be live music ranging from classical in the morning, latin, jazz and acoustic in the afternoon as well as performance art pieces. In the evenings and on the weekend there will be the usual mix of The Marboroughs growing underground music scene with food available all day.

I presented two works

Enlightened Suit 1

The suit
The thought

The suit that thinks
the suit that suits
the suit suits the suits
the suit should lighten up
the suit is enlightened

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Free Drawing with bulb 2

let your mind wander and wonder, draw!
let your mind dribble
let your mind ripple
flow with out thought

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My works lit the whole exhibition.

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