Monday, 27 July 2009

Going Under Ground 31st of July 2009 at Village Underground

Going Underground
I will be displaying a number of my latest works for this event

Free drawing

let your mind wonder
let your mind wander
let your mind dribble
let your mind ripple
flow with out thought

The suit
The thought

The suit that thinks
the suit that suits
the suit suits the suits
the suit should lighten up
the suit is enlightened

Not not going to work today would suit the suit just fine.

8pm - 2am on 31st July 2009 at Village Underground
£7 entry, £2 drinks

A warehouse party with innovative theatre, live music, art exhibitions, burlesque dancing, cabaret and DJ sets.


Written by Christopher Morgan
Produced and Directed by Rachel Heyburn
Performances at 8pm and 10pm

A piece of sensorial, multi-media theatre, interacting and addressing the audience through their own phenomenological experiences with the set, situation and characters; manipulating the audience within the space. This production is aimed at anyone who has ever sat on the tube and wondered what other people are thinking, what their story may be and where they might be going.


* Islington Boys Club
* The Neat
* Special Guest Headliner (shhh, it's a secret!)
* DJ's
* Burlesque performances by Starlight Revue
* Cabaret performances by Gary Albert Hughes


* Tracey Holland
* Panda Studio
* Blair Zaye
* Sarah Bentley
* Alexandra Jasper
* Sam Cook
* Harry Grattan

Lighting Design by Iris Coates McCall
Graphic Design by Jack Stewart (

Event co-produced by Rachel Heyburn, Iris Coates McCall, Jessica Chamberlain, Laura Olliffe and Wes Crotty

Click here for location on Google maps

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