Thursday, 8 October 2009

ELECTRIC CIRCUS Friday 09 October 2009 at Scala I finally ran away and joined the circus!

Friday 09 October 2009
Miniture indoor festival of LURVE!!

Ill be putting my latest light bulb work 'big clown bulb eyes'

and my other 2 smaller clowns

click here and here for images

Our aim is to tickle all of your senses and tug on your heart strings :0) This will be a Transylvanian Ball packed full of sexy, cutting edge performances from Dancers and Circus Folk from around the world, with music from some of the best bands and DJs the UK has to offer.

Our manifesto is to enduce maximum fun and laughing while raising money for precious medicines needed by the people of Gaza.

After our last event - a small affair @ Inspiral Lounge, Camden - we travelled with a Hope Convoy and took the money raised to Egypt where we bought the medicines and delivered them personally to a clinic outside Gaza City. This clinic was desperately in need as they are unable to receive important supplies any other way.

This time: we’re taking the circus with us!!

See for more info....

This event is brought to you by women who really like their freedom, and who reckon women like everyone else in Gaza should enjoy the same freedom.

We do not give our money to a third party to do with as they will....we deliver directly to the's the only way.

The next Convoy leaves at the end of November…and we intend to be going along with the money you help us raise at Electric Circus....

So YOU and your bestest, maddest costume can make a difference!!! ;0) xxx

Dress: Freakishly Sexy, Free Thinking and Fabulous!

You know it's the right thing to do!!

Basically, Get Invovled.

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