Thursday, 8 October 2009


Im in it innit!
with my Englightened Suit 1

check it out at Frieze Art Fair

Brandnew Europe wide festival

The cooperation - and exchange project EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS! is focusing on all intercultural and interdisciplinary art forms that thematize and represent the interaction and communication between humans.
These issues and art forms are not only to be found in any non-institutionalized Live Art - and Public Art projects but alike in all independent art cooperatives, art collectives and art initiatives that amplify and expand the common conceptions of art and the "art business".

It is our main concern to present independent artistic works, concepts and strategies and to interconnect multi diverse “organisms” of art related organizations, that interfere and interlock in multiple and versatile "living worlds", contexts and social spaces, that are interdisciplinary and process like, allocating towards the fragile moments in the human and social encounters, within Europe and in the utter "Here and Now".
In the approximation at the various European "points of culmination" of the project - that will be originated and celebrated a special date in all partnership towns simultaneously - the participating project partners will research and experiment in a timeframe of several months the exchange of radical moments in the partnership towns. The main focus is directed onto finding the very moments and to excavate them, that can only exist, be founded and created in their intermedial, immediate exchange with other humanoids, to enfold their utter presence and radicalism. We understand radical to be in this very context: exhaustive, complete, to go to the utter extremes. Art as to be the radical offer and invitation for encounters on counter veiling, but not equalizing eye level.

On day X - simultaneously scattered actions, images and interventions will sparkle and lightning like flash up, that will leave ephemeral but direct and uncensored and fresh impression. The "pre-elusiveness", the illuminations and flash-ups of a "Momentary Europe", that positions itself outmost innovative, dialogue orientated and transmigrating in a different conceptual style and ephemeral context.

There is no pre-defined parameters of any artistical medium. The choice of the artistical techniques for transformation and transformative processes/strategies are of complete free personal choice. Important here only, that in the interdisciplinary projects/strategies, "bridging" takes place, that questions any stipulations of traditional and carburised roles: between the artist and recipient, between art and life, between humanoid and society, between humans and their interactions among each other.

I have a mention here page 18 for the Radical Exhange Exhibition in Frieze Art Fair

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